Original Mesa sprite Remastered Mesa sprite
Original Remastered
Location Blood Stained Sanctuary
Health 64 HP
Attack(s) Throws a block
Damage dealt 10 HP
Credits description
Hell's messenger

Mesas in Blood Stained Sanctuary

Mesas (メサ Mesa) are enemies in the Blood Stained Sanctuary of Cave Story.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Mesas have a similar look to Butes; however, they are larger in size with a more prominent face and hands.

Game information[edit | edit source]

Mesas are only found in the later part of the Blood Stained Sanctuary, past room B2. They remain in one place the entire time they are seen on screen. When Quote approaches a Mesa, it throws a block about half its size at him. This block travels in an arc that can be about the same distance as the platform they are positioned on.

Mesas are often found in low level areas where Quote cannot freely jump at maximum height. Because of this, a block that is thrown by a mesa can temporarily protect him since the block always partially covers the enemy as it is being thrown. If the block hits Quote directly, he takes 10 HP damage.

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