Original Midorin sprite Remastered Midorin sprite
Original Remastered
Location Plantation
Health 16 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP
Credits description

Photosynthetic foe

Photosynthetic warrior

Midorin (みどりん Midorin) are enemies found in the Plantation.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Midorin appear to have green, oval shaped bodies and triangular feet. They have single black pixels for eyes and a thicker black line that runs horizontally to form a mouth.

Game information[edit | edit source]

Midorin can only be seen in the Plantation, occupying some patches of soil in the red flower gardens. Their motion is not continuous; rather, they move about before pausing briefly. They continue this motion, switching the direction they travel in when they reach the side of a block.

If Quote stands directly in the path of a midorin while it is walking, the enemy will damage him with 3 HP. The player, however, can have Quote stand on top of the midorin without inflicting any damage on him. This allows him to temporarily ride the midorin as it resumes its motion.

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