The Mimiga are a white-furred anthropomorphic species similar to a cross between a rabbit and a dog. They feed on flowers and fish. They mainly reside in Mimiga Village, but are found throughout the Island. Their name comes from the Japanese word "mimi," which means ear or hearing. This probably refers to their large rabbit ears.

Although Mimiga are usually small and weak, eating Red Flowers causes them to grow big and strong. Unfortunately, it also causes them to become violent and irrational. However, these "rabid" Mimiga (called Ravils) can be controlled through the power of the Demon Crown. Knowing this, the Doctor devised a plan to trick the Mimiga into growing and eating a large amount of red flowers so that he can turn them into his personal army to attack and take over the world with. Any Mimiga who questioned him or refused to work on the red flower plantation were either imprisoned or killed.

Mimiga[edit | edit source]

Note: Sue and Itoh were originally human. Also, Igor is technically a Ravil. Toroko starts out as a Mimiga, but is then forced to eat a Red Flower, turning her into a Ravil, too.

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