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Momorin Sakamoto (坂本 百鈴 Sakamoto Momorin) is a female scientist. She is the mother of Sue and Kazuma, and co-worker of Professor Booster, Itoh, and (formerly) the Doctor.



Momorin is seen with mildly long green hair and a lab coat.



Momorin was a member of a team who had landed on the island to do research. However, shortly after landing, The Doctor deserted the researchers and found the Demon Crown, a legendary magical artifact of destructive power. The Doctor attacked his former associates, imprisoned Booster and Kazuma, and hurled Momorin off the Island.

Miraculously, Momorin survived, although was stranded on the island. Luckily, she was able to hide from the Doctor and set up a secret hideout underneath his Plantation. Quote discovers Momorin's hideout after escaping from the Doctor's jail cell, and is granted entry thanks to a password given by Sue.


Momorin has been designing a rocket-powered lift to escape the Plantation and reach the Balcony, and enlists Quote to retrieve supplies. She borrows Quote's Booster v2.0 or Booster v0.8 and gives him a Mimiga Mask for a disguise, with which he retrieves a sprinkler.

As Quote battles the Doctor, Momorin and Itoh scramble to prep their helicopter for takeoff. After Quote destroys the Undead Core, the scientists escape the plummeting Island.