The Nemesis (ネメシス Nemeshisu) is one of the last guns in Cave Story that the player can obtain. It can be obtained by trading the Blade at the Outer Wall. The Nemesis has unlimited ammunition and, unlike other weapons, decreases in power as the player collects experience points, and increases in level by one experience point alone.

Location Edit

The Nemesis is received in the Little House and can be taken once the player returns the Little Man back to his home in the Outer Wall.

Behaviour Edit

Level Behaviour Maximum bullets Damage (HP) XP to level up/MAX
1 Fires two bolts in a row, great distance, fast. 4 12 (8 if sour spot) 1
2 Bright blue bolts that are thinner. 2 6 1
3 Fires rubber ducks, short distance, does the least amount of damage. 1 1 1

Available trades and upgrades Edit

To obtain the Nemesis, Quote must speak to The Littles in the Little House. They'll request from him to find their lost husband, which can be found on the Cemetery. Upon returning the husband, the Blade can be traded for the Nemesis.

When talking to the Little Man after trading, he will ask Quote if the Nemesis is "treating [him] well". If this question is answered with "No", Nemesis can be traded back for Blade back in its level 1 form.

Trivia Edit

  • Curly can be seen using this weapon in the Blood Stained Sanctuary.
  • The Nemesis is the only weapon that becomes weaker in damage as experience is collected.
  • The weapon's description "Lightning of the Goddess" refers to the Greek goddess Nemesis, an agent of the heavens who enacted retribution against the arrogant. This may reflect how the weapon needs to remain at "humble" level 1 to deal the most damage.

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