Night Ghost
Night Ghost o.png
Location Outer Wall
Health 64 HP
Attack(s) Firing from a distance
Damage dealt 5 HP (attack)
Credits description

In the Outer wall

Outer wall flutterer

Night Ghosts, known as Night Spirits in the Aeon Genesis translation (夜の精 Yoru no sei), are enemies found at the Outer Wall.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Night Ghosts resemble large, ghostly cats that appear cloth-like due to their shades and movement. They are predominantly white coloured, with some visible undershades. No feet can be seen on Night Ghosts, but they have "paws" that are shaded in the same manner as the rest of their bodies.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Night Ghosts are one of the three enemies encountered by Quote as he climbs the Outer Wall. Unlike hoppy creatures, Night Ghosts often remain a distance away from the wall. Instead of attacking Quote with direct contact, they ascend or descend until they are around Quote's level. They then proceed to fire a cluster of yarn balls that move to the left, disappearing once they hit a surface or Quote. Indestructible to any weapon attack, the yarn balls will subtract 5 health from Quote if direct contact is made. They leave behind a large 20 experience crystal.

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