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Original Omega sprite Remastered Omega sprite
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Location Sand Zone
Health 400 HP
Credits description
Machine-monster that lurks in the sand

Omega (オメガ Omega) is an antlion-like robot and the second of three boss battles fought in the Sand Zone.

When Omega is defeated, the curse of the Sun Stones is lifted, allowing Quote to continue further into the Sand Zone to meet Jenka and reach the warehouse containing the red flowers.


Omega is encountered in an enclosed area that can be accessed by going to the right above the Sun Stones. Two pits, one with a refill terminal and another with a sandcroc, as well as an array of star blocks and two presses, can be seen just before entering the room. When Quote goes into the middle of the space, Misery teleports in. She challenges him to a fight, but is interrupted by a rumble. She deems the challenge unnecessary and leaves as Omega emerges from the middle of the ground and begins its first attack.


Attack patterns[]

Omega first partially emerges from the sand and launches a greater number of red spheres, along with some closed sand coloured spheres, into the air. Red spheres bounce on the ground several times before they disappear, while sand coloured ones cannot be damaged, but disappear once they land on the ground. Quote can destroy the red spheres for extra hearts, missiles, and Energy Crystals.

After at least a third of its health is depleted, Omega will emerge from the sand entirely and make jumps around the area, releasing more spheres upon landing.


Quote battling against Omega

Omega is damageable when releasing the spheres. The player should hit the boss at its "eye", which causes its health bar to deplete. Omega will either close and sink back into the ground or fully come up above the ground and start jumping around, depending on how much the player has damaged it.

Most weapons can do ample damage if fired continuously at Omega's eyespot. If the player uses the Missile Launcher at the start of the battle, however, they are only allowed to fire one missile at Omega before the boss closes and sinks back into the ground before re-emerging. This forces the player to deal considerably less damage during Omega's first phase than with a lower damage weapon continuously fired at the boss' weak spot.

Red spores deal Quote 4 damage, while getting landed on when Omega jumps around deals 20. Sand spores also subtract 4 HP from Quote's health if one lands on him. Quote can touch Omega from the side without taking any damage, but is unable to pass through the boss. If Quote is inside Omega's mouth when he closes it, he will also take 20 damage.


  • The first boss of Kero Blaster, another game made by Pixel, is very similar to Omega, and may be a reference.
  • Omega's Halloween appearance is based off of Lucifer from Ghouls 'n Ghosts.[citation needed]