The Outer Wall (外壁 Gaiheki) is a location that connects the Egg Corridor to the Plantation.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Most of the wall is on the left side of the screen, with the open space revealing the night sky and floating clouds on the right. Generally, the enemies here are capable of flying and following Quote when he approaches into their area. Any pickups left behind from killed enemies will float to the edge of the wall and stay there until they are collected or fade away.

After talking to Kazuma in the Egg Corridor, the player will find him standing next to the hatched Sky Dragon at the Outer Wall. If the player selected "Yes" when asked whether or not they wish to escape, interacting with Kazuma will cause Quote to ride the Sky Dragon with Kazuma and leave the island. This initiates the first achievable ending of Cave Story, the "Bad" ending.

Should the player reject Kazuma's invitation to escape the island with him, talking to Kazuma at the Outer Wall will initiate a line of dialogue, telling Quote to hurry if he chooses to look for the Core.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

A family of three tiny individuals resembling people live in a "Little House" underneath the entrance to the Egg Corridor. Only two of the people will be seen in the house initially; the Little Man can be found wandering around a small area of the Cemetery.

Sublocations[edit | edit source]

Little House[edit | edit source]

The Little House (リトル家 Ritoru-ka) is located below the door that connects the Egg Corridor to the Outer Wall. To enter it, Quote must walk through the narrow passageway, using the Booster to keep him from falling through gaps in the floor. Once inside, the player has the opportunity to trade the Blade for the Nemesis. If they want to obtain it, they must visit the Little House at least twice: the first time to be able to pick up the Little Man in the graveyard, and the second to bring him back home.

Clock Room[edit | edit source]

The Clock Room (時計屋 Tokei Ya) is only accessible if the player has rescued Curly Brace. Its presence is noted by an analog clock sign protruding out of the wall. If Quote goes to the left of the sign, he should eventually come across a small gap in the wall with a fence marking. The player can then interact with this hole to go inside.

Inside, the floor is mostly covered with spikes. On an elevated platform stands a chest containing the 290 Counter.

Storehouse[edit | edit source]

The Storehouse (倉庫 Souko) connects the Outer Wall and Plantation. When Quote first enters the room, he will encounter Itoh as well as a save disk.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Hoppy - A yellow bug-like enemy that appears to bounce off the edge of the wall as it moves towards Quote. When damaged, they let out a squeal.
  • Night Ghost - A larger, ghost-like enemy that moves vertically farther away from the wall than Hoppy. When Quote is within their shooting range, they let out a group of white projectiles that are indestructible by weapons but will disappear on contact with a block or the wall.
  • Sandcroc - Light blue sandcrocs are hidden beneath sandy ground. When this ground is stepped on, the sandcroc will emerge.

Items and weaponry[edit | edit source]

  • Nemesis - A weapon that can be traded for the Blade. Unlike most other weapons in Cave Story, it deals less damage as it gains weapon energy.
  • 290 Counter - A stopwatch that is automatically activated when the player plays through the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Aside from the Balcony, the Outer Wall is the only location where the death message "You were never seen again..." can be viewed.

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