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Giant Pignon
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Location Mimiga Village
Health 2 HP (small)
12 HP (giant)
Damage dealt 1 HP
Credits description

White mushroom

Worth eating

Pignons (ピニョン Pinyon) are enemies in the cemetery of Mimiga Village.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Pignons are mushroom-like creatures, entirely white in colour. They have a bell-shaped head, which is supported by a stump shaped body. Two black eyes can be seen on their heads, and when they are hit, they are seen with a wide open mouth that is shaped similarly to The Door from the First Cave.

Game information[edit | edit source]

Pignons are only found in the graveyard of the Mimiga Village. They walk around on the ground, taking frequent pauses before turning in the other direction. If they are at the edge of the topmost platform in the graveyard, they can walk off it and land on the ground. About fourteen pignons can be found wandering the graveyard. Pignons do not attack, even when Quote approaches them.

If hit with a weapon that deals less damage than their maximum HP, pignons will open their eyes wide as well as their mouths, forming a stunned expression. They remain in this position briefly before resuming their normal pattern of walking. Killing a pignon does not grant the player any experience points, health or missile ammunition.

Variation[edit | edit source]

A single, larger version of the pignons is acknowledged in the ending credits, labelled the "Giant Pignon" (ジャイアントピニョン Jaianto Pinyon). Its behaviour is identical to the smaller pignons. Giant pignons, however, have a higher amount of health than the pignons. Although larger in size, they deal the same amount of damage to Quote.

The giant pignon is first seen at the topmost platform of the graveyard, however, it is capable of walking off the edge of the floating platform and landing on the ground amongst the Gravekeeper and the smaller pignons. It may bounce towards Quote if shot at.

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