Original Polish sprite Remastered Polish sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 24 HP
Damage dealt 10 HP
Abilities Spawns multiple enemies when destroyed
Credits description
From one, many

Polishes (ポリッシュ Porisshu) are enemies in the Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Polishes look similar to Sun Stones seen near the Sand Zone residence. The polishes have light brown circular bodies in shades that are alike the colour of the sandy ground. A set of beige, spoke-like appendices surround the outside of the circle. Their facial expressions appear to form a frown, with white narrowed eyes and a black mouth forming an upwards curve.

Placement[edit | edit source]

Polishes occupy the upper portion of the Sand Zone. They are contained in enclosed areas, often marked off by destructible blocks, which they cannot pass through. Usually, only one polish occupies a single area at a time.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Polishes move on their spokes in straight vertical or horizontal lines along the barriers they are contained in. When they hit a corner, they may pause for a moment before continuing on their pathway, tracing along the edges of the area.

If Quote breaks a star block, the polish will begin to change its trajectory. As it passes through the opening, it may pause in place, attempting to leave the opening. Removing multiple blocks causes the polish to move towards Quote and eventually hit him if the player does not kill the polish or change Quote's position. When Quote shoots at a polish, it slows down its motion, and the sound of gears revving can be heard for a brief moment.

As soon as the polish is killed, having taken a minimum 24 HP of damage, it leaves behind experience, a set of hearts or some missile ammunition like other enemies in the Sand Zone. At the same time, ten baby polishes appear in the large polish's place, and move in separate ways.

Baby polish[edit | edit source]

Baby Polish
Original sprite Remastered sprite
Original Remastered
Health 2 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP
Credits description
Scattering everywhere

Baby polishes (ベイビー Beibī) are found in the same areas of the Sand Zone that regular polishes are.

Baby polishes look like the smaller version of a normal sized polish. Their tiny size allows them to slip in between openings a single star block tall. A group of ten will appear simultaneously, and each baby polish tends to move in different directions, bouncing off walls at angles and moving at a faster pace than a polish. When they hit Quote, they cause him 3 damage. Baby polishes take 2 HP to defeat.

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