Porcupine Fish
Original Porcupine Fish sprite Remastered Porcupine Fish sprite
Original Remastered
Location Waterway
Health 4 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP (expanded)
Credits description
An old friend

Porcupine fish (はりせんぼん Harisenbon) are enemies located near the Waterway. They are a cameo appearance of an earlier Pixel release named Ikachan.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Regular porcupine fish have brown bodies with a lighter underbelly and several dark dots. Their eyes are squinted and white. When they expand, their bodies and eyes become round and spikes project out. Additionally, a large blue iris and light body dot are revealed.

Game information[edit | edit source]

Porcupine fish only make one appearance in Cave Story. This appearance is in the passageway Quote enters after the Waterway. Multiple porcupine fish swim along this passageway towards the player's right, accompanying the Ironhead boss.

As the porcupine fish swim, they do not initially cause contact damage. After a few seconds on screen, however, they bloat and begin to flash. Porcupine fish in this appearance cause 3 HP of damage to Quote upon contact.

Killing porcupine fish is the only source of pickups during the battle. Porcupine fish leave behind experience and a single heart or missile ammunition upon their death.

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