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Possessed Misery
Original Possessed Misery sprite Remastered Possessed Misery sprite
Original Remastered
Location Balcony
Health 601 HP
Attack(s) Summoning enemies

Possessed Misery refers to the final boss version of Misery in Black Space. She fights alongside the Undead Core and possessed Sue under the influence of the Red Crystal's powers.


Misery, being horrifically mutated, now gains a large tail, a beak-like mouth, and an overall bulkier build.


Misery is the only "sub"-boss in this battle to provide the player with an opportunity to replenish their health, weapon energy and missile ammunition.

Attack patterns[]

Misery's attacks involve summoning enemies that move towards Quote depending on his placement. She summons enemies each time either she or possessed Sue lose 24 HP. If Quote is positioned near the ground, she sends a group of orange critters that bounce along the bottom. If he is on a platform or one of the solid smaller pieces of the Undead Core, she directs a group of orange bats that fly to the left.

If possessed Sue is defeated and Misery is still active, Misery directs a few orange "fish missiles" towards Quote roughly every five seconds. These missiles circle around the area and constantly home in on him. She continues this until she or the Undead Core is defeated.


Misery is a non-solid boss and can be passed through without taking damage. She is damageable at any point during the fight and summons enemies based on the amount of health she loses until Sue is defeated, of which she switches to summoning enemies at regular periods.

Damage from critters and bats subtracts 2 HP from Quote's health, while getting hit by a fish missile takes away 3 HP.


Upon defeat, possessed Misery collapses to the floor and lies face down. Possessed Sue, should she still be active, continues her attack pattern of dashing and attempting to tackle Quote. The Undead Core resumes its normal patterns and only changes attacks when a certain amount of its health bar is depleted.

The player need not defeat Misery or Sue before the Core, though doing so may be helpful.