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Possessed Sue
Original Possessed Sue sprite Remastered Possessed Sue sprite
Original Remastered
Location Balcony
Health 501 HP
Attack(s) Tackling, dashing

Possessed Sue refers to the boss version of Sue Sakamoto who fights alongside the Undead Core and possessed Misery. Her behaviour is due to a transformation that resulted from the Red Crystal.


With the red crystal mutating her, Sue now looks like a mixture of a human and mimiga.


Possessed Sue is the most mobile out of the three bosses fought within Black Space.

Attack patterns[]

Sue executes an action roughly every 3-5 seconds. She may spin in a downward diagonal direction and perform a tackle towards Quote, or dash in a straight horizontal line. In between attacks, she remains stationary, and is able to stand in midair.


Possessed Sue is vulnerable at any point except when dashing. If she sustains enough damage, she will drop to the floor if she was attacking in the air.

Sue's tackle attack deals 4 damage to Quote if contact is made. While she does this action, she can be temporarily stopped by shooting at her repeatedly until she falls back. Sue's dash attack deals Quote no damage, but any weapons used pass through her and she will not take any damage. Sue herself is non-solid and can be passed through without losing health.


Upon Sue's defeat, she tumbles to the floor and remains lying face down. If the player did not defeat Misery, Misery will start to deploy fish-like homing missiles. The player is still required to defeat the Undead Core before the battle is officially over.