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If you want to venture any further, be mindful of those big blue critters. They'll try to crush you.

-- The Cthulhu to Quote in the Bushlands

If you're going on ahead, watch out for those Power Critters. When they land on you, it hurts.

-- The Cthulhu to Quote in Bushlands

Power Critter
Original Power Critter sprite Remastered Power Critter sprite
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Health 18 HP
Attack(s) Hovers, diving towards Quote
Damage dealt 2 ~ 12 HP
Credits description
The crusher

Power Critters (パワークリッター Pawā Kurittā) are powered up variation of the normal critters. They can only be found in Bushlands.

Physical appearance[]

Power Critters look similar to the critters seen in the First Cave and Egg Corridor. Besides their blob-like body and black eyes and mouth. Power Critters also have white ear tufts and are a larger than the regular critter. They are also a lighter shade of blue than those in the First Cave.


Power Critters are found in groups amongst smaller critters and themselves alike. As with other types of critters, Power Critters remain stationary in the position they are in until Quote approaches them. When Quote is near their territory, they will start to attack him. They will persist their attacks until the player either kills them or moves far enough out of range. In some areas, Power Critters may land on a higher elevated platform above Quote and will no longer try to pursue him.

The critters can take up to 18 HP of damage before they are killed. Like all enemies in Bushlands, Power Critters leave behind experience points, hearts and missile ammunition as soon as they die.


A Power Critter's attack is the same as the critters also present in Bushlands. When Quote gets close to them, they leap into the air, propelling themselves towards him. They remain in the air for a few seconds at a time, dropping once this duration has passed or if Quote is directly underneath them. If Quote touches a Power Critter, he loses 2 HP of health. If the Critter lands on him, or if Quote lands on a falling Power Critter, he takes 12 damage.


Color Picture Location Health (HP) Behavior Damage dealt
Blue TBA Bushlands, Drafty Cave 18 Propels themselves towards Quote to crush him 2-12
Dark green TBA Wind Fortress TBA Hopping to land on Quote TBA