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The Prinny Cap is an item exclusive to Cave Story 3D.


The Prinny Cap is blue coloured and resembles a bird/penguin head. The flap of the hat is yellow while the bird's/penguin's eyes on the cap are circular and white with black pupils.


The Prinny Cap is found at the Small Grave at the end of the Inner Wall. Just before entering the Small Grave, a dancing Prinny can be seen on a platform.

Inside, a Prinny Statue can be seen in the middle of the room, with a sparkle in front of it. Examining it gives the player the Prinny Cap. A save disk can be seen to the right of the statue.


The Prinny Cap is stored and has to be equipped from the player's inventory. Once equipped, it replaces Quote's normal red cap. It can also be worn with the Mimiga Mask on.


  • When the Prinny Cap is being worn, the loading 8-bit Quote sprite will be wearing a blue cap similar to the Prinny Cap.
  • The Prinny Cap is a reference to Prinny