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Jenka with four of her puppies and a Save Disk

The puppies are pets, most of which appear in Cave Story belong to Jenka. The player is tasked with bringing them back to Jenka's house upon her request. All the puppies are related to each other as siblings. An additional puppy whose master is Ballos also appears later in the game.


In the Sand Zone, puppies can be collected by pressing the down arrow key when Quote is in front of one. A prompt asks the player if they want to take the puppy with them. Selecting "yes" will put the puppy on Quote's head, and it will travel on top of Quote until he returns it to Jenka. Quote can only carry one puppy at a time, and attempting to pick up another puppy while one is already present in the player's inventory will not bring up the yes/no option to simply switch the puppy he is carrying.

When a puppy is brought back to Jenka, it will appear beside her on the ground, alongside the other puppies the player has brought back, if any. For every puppy brought back, Jenka provides Quote with an additional line of speech about with the red flowers, except for the final one (when Balrog returns). Puppies can be collected in any order.

Final puppy[]

If the player returns the last puppy to Jenka after Balrog steals the warehouse key from her, she will take it and give Quote a Life Pot. Alternatively, the player can choose not to return the puppy to Jenka after Balrog exits and instead, go to the warehouse. The puppy does not go with Quote into the room, and only shows up when Quote returns from the Labyrinth.

Collection (Nintendo Switch)[]

The collection of the puppies for the Switch version goes quite different. In which Quote can carry all 5 at once, and stack them, however, Jenka will only collect 1 at once and keep the same dialogues, telling the player how many dogs are left even they have all with them.

Giving the final puppy will place it between the fireplace and the door. Jenka thanks Quote and says he has done a great favor gathering her puppies, then, she tells quote to come again later in a bit for a reward. This dialogue is also exclusive to the switch version as trying to give the final puppy to her in any other ports will lead to the Balrog cutscene, which only happens here if Quote leave her house, make a few steps, and then, the player hears a quake and coming back, will display the cutscene just as normal.

Sand Zone puppies[]

There are five puppies to be found in the Sand Zone where Jenka lives. Each puppy is located in various areas, most which require strategic maneuvers to reach. All puppies have different names and inventory descriptions. They also have different quotes when interacted with.


Hajime is found in the Small Room which can be accessed after defeating Curly Brace. The player should talk to the Colon on the far left to inform Quote that he should bring the dog along with him on the way to Jenka's house.

Jenka's pet dog and leader of the bunch. Lost while looking for his siblings, he likes Curly's place.

Jenka's pet and leader of the dogs. While searching for his brothers, he got lost and was taken in by Curly.


Kakeru is found in the lower area of the Sand Zone, next to a Skeleton. The dog starts running to the right when Quote approaches it, and turns when it hits a wall. The player must interact with the dog before it can run past Quote, or they may have to wait for the puppy to change directions. The player is given a Yes/No prompt to collect the dog.

Best with a bone. Jenka's pet hides so many bones in so many places it's hard to keep track of them.

Jenka's pet. Adores bones and has buried them in countless places, most of which by now are forgotten.


To reach Mick, the player must clear the star blocks obstructing a concealed passage underneath the upper area with the Polishes and Sun Stones. By entering through the block with the paw print, Quote can continue all the way to the right until he reaches a chest and a Life Capsule. The chest holds Mick inside.

Jenka's pet and an adept treasure hunter who loves chests. He loves sleeping inside any chest he can find.

Jenka's pet. Loves treasure-hunting. Or treasure *chests* rather, and has recently taken up sleeping in them.


Nene is found asleep.

Nene in the Switch Version

Nene is found sleeping next to the Sand Zone warehouse. A save point and refill terminal can be accessed here by shooting the corresponding star blocks.

In the Switch version, it was moved next to a Paw Tile, in the end of the first Polishes column. There, hidden hearts and a save point can be found

A beautiful dog belonging to Jenka. This one dreams the days away with long, long naps.

Jenka's pet. Spends most of her time asleep, but her dreams have been known to portend the future.


Shinobu can be found outside the Deserted House and disappears inside when Quote approaches him. Upon entering it, the player can use the Map System to navigate through the dark passageways and reach the dog. The puppy barks when Quote is close to him.

This puppy make an appearance in the Cave Story+ challenge Sand Pit, in B2, the player needs to be fast to obtain the dog, or else, it will run away and eventually disappear in B3 entry.

Another of Jenka's lovable puppies. This poor little one suffers from bad vision, so he sticks to dark places.

Jenka's pet. Loves dark places. Due to poor eyesight, he roams the darkness using his wild instincts alone.

Additional appearances[]


A puppy can be found in the Plantation as Quote makes his way to the Last Cave after the rocket is complete. This puppy mentions Curly Brace when talking to Quote. The puppy gives him a Life Capsule, increasing Quote's health by 5. If the player does not already carry the Life Pot, they will also receive that in addition to the Life Capsule.


As Quote and Curly make their way up the Corridor from the Blood Stained Sanctuary, a dog will be there, in front of the Seal Chamber. The dog pleas with Quote and Curly to kill Ballos so that the curse on Misery may be broken. The dog disappears from the Corridor after finishing his monologue.


  • Puppies do not travel through teleporters like Quote, but they will remain in his inventory.
  • When Quote approaches the puppies while they are with Jenka, they will wag their tail.