Puu Black
Puu Black o Puu Black r
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Health 300 HP
Credits description

Ghost in the clinic

Ghost that invaded the clinic

Puu Black, known as Pooh Black in the Aeon Genesis translation (プー・ブラック Puu Burakku), is the first boss encountered in the Labyrinth. This boss highly resembles Balrog's shape and size, although it is black and does not have the two vertical stripes like Balrog.


Puu Black is encountered in the Clinic Ruins. The player must use the Clinic Key to go inside and get some medicine, as requested by Dr. Gero. The battle starts when Quote opens the chest and receives the Cure-All.



Quote standing in the Clinic Ruins near Puu Black before attacking. No bubbles are visible.

Attack patternsEdit

Puu Black arrives in the Clinic Ruins through the ceiling and lands on the protruding block to the left of the chest. Upon being attacked, the boss surrounds itself with black bubbles and a couple of clear ones. After taking a certain amount of damage, Puu Black jumps through the ceiling. A few bubbles give an indication of where Puu Black will land next. This is usually in a position where Quote was at the time of landing.


Puu Black is vulnerable at any point during the fight. Weapons that only shoot single attacks can potentially be stopped by the swarm of bubbles, which may prevent Puu Black from losing a lot of health. Using the Blade in its level 3 form allows the player to deploy an outward attack that can hit the bubbles as well as the boss, which increases the chance of dealing more damage.

When Puu Black lands on the floor and the player does not attack, no bubbles will appear. Quote is able to pass through the boss without losing health at this point, and can continue to do so until an attack is used. Contact with the dark bubbles subtracts 5 HP from Quote's health, while getting crushed by standing under where Puu Black lands takes away 20.


Once defeated, the bubbles surrounding Puu Black begin to stream up towards the ceiling. Puu Black eventually dissipates into these bubbles, all which exit in the same manner. The player is then permitted to leave the Clinic Ruins with the Cure-All.

Puu Black

Puu Black's sprite wearing a nurse's hat.


  • Puu Black's name is a reference to Balrog's beta name, "Puu."
  • If the player obtains the final ending, Puu Black will replace Balrog in the credits when he is taking care of Gaudi.


Cave Story - Puu Black

Cave Story - Puu Black

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