Ravils, known as Rabils in the Aeon Genesis translation, (ラビル Rabiru) are enemy Mimiga. One is first encountered in the Bushlands, while four additional Ravil appear on the Balcony.

Appearance Edit

Ravils are rabbit-like creatures, with pale fur that is similar to most of the Mimiga seen throughout Cave Story. They have slit red eyes and a mouth that is also the same shade of red. They appear to wear a green outfit over their bodies.

Behavior Edit

Ravils are the resulting form of the Mimiga consuming the red flowers, causing them to get larger in body size as well as having increased strength. Because of this, Ravils are more aggressive than the average Mimiga. They attack by making small leaps before diving towards their target.

Locations Edit

Ravils are found in two main areas of the game.

Bushlands Edit

If Quote enters the hut and retrieves the missile expansion, the game will temporarily freeze before a ravil emerges from the empty fireplace next to the bed. One of the boss battle themes "Gravity" plays upon its appearance, but Quote can exit through the door and skip killing it altogether. Re-entering the hut does not cause the Ravil to appear again.

The Ravil in the Bushlands does not harm Quote on contact, unless it is diving towards him. This dive attack deducts 5 HP if Quote is in harm's way.

Balcony Edit

Ravil are seen on the Balcony and do not move from their standstill position until they spot Quote. Unlike the Bushlands, ravil become enemies that, upon being killed, leave behind pickups in their place.

Other types Edit

A larger Ravil named Igor is found at the end of the Egg Corridor, next to the nearby save point room. Igor serves as one of the first bosses fought in Cave Story. He later appears on the Balcony alongside two Ravils, close to the Prefab Building.