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Red Ogre
Red Ogre battle
Battling the Red Ogre
Location Last Cave (Hidden)
Health 300 HP

The Red Ogre, known as the Red Demon in the Aeon Genesis translation (赤鬼 Akaoni), is a boss only found in Last Cave (Hidden).

The Red Ogre is first mentioned by Jack in the Assembly Hall. According to Jack, Arthur fought the Red Ogre and saved Mimiga Village from destruction.


The Red Ogre's sprite has three visible grey fangs, with an additional one missing.


The Red Ogre is encountered near the end of the hidden Last Cave. It can be seen before the fight begins. The battle takes place in an enclosed area that, upon being entered, activates two barriers that prevent Quote from escaping until the Red Ogre is defeated.


Attack pattern[]

The Red Ogre's attacks are similar to a Droll's, except they are deployed at periodic intervals rather than when attacked like the Droll. When Quote enters the area, the Red Ogre fires a set of three projectiles that disappear on contact with the ground. The boss fires them based on Quote's position, and alternates between one attack in the air and one on the ground until defeat.


The Red Ogre is vulnerable at any point during the battle, and can be defeated with any weapon.

The Red Ogre defeated, with the closed chest in front of it

Since the projectiles are fired in Quote's general direction, the player should keep him mobile and not remain in the same spot for long periods of time. Hitting the projectiles subtracts 6 HP from Quote's health, and touching the Red Ogre takes away 10.


Once defeated, the Red Ogre turns grey and puts its hands in the air. It remains standing on the ground, with its mouth open. At the same time, the barriers lift, a chest appears in front of the ogre and some experience crystals are scattered about. Opening the chest allows the player to receive the Medal of the Red Ogre, which, like the Alien Medal, has no use.


  • Red Ogre's missing fang is presumably the Beast Fang from the Yamashita Farm, hidden inside a block under the Life Capsule. It is most likely that it fell there when Arthur battled the Red Ogre.