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The robots of Cave Story range from the two main protagonists, Quote and Curly Brace, to bosses such as the Heavy Press. These characters are hostile, friendly, or neutral depending on where you find them. They appear to be immune to the effects of the Red Flowers/ crystal.

Types of robots Edit

Recon robots Edit

Armed recon robots were dispatched by many countries of the world to the island ten years before the events of Cave Story. Many of these robots were programmed with the initiative to capture the Demon Crown, such as the Team 9 robot found in the Core area. However, most of them were destroyed; only a couple of them as discovered in the game remain functioning in the Labyrinth. Quote and Curly Brace alone of all the recon robots were programmed to destroy the Demon Crown rather than capture it.

Traits of recon robots can be ascertained through Cave Story dialogue and events:

  • They supposedly run off of limited energy, according to the first Cthulhu who Quote meets in Cthulhu's Abode. In the Aeon Genesis translation, the Cthulhu mocks, "Well, until your juice runs out, have fun wandering." Interestingly, neither Quote nor Curly Brace ever demonstrate this limitation, implying that they run on a different power system.
  • They may possess self-repairing nanobots or similar mechanics, as implied by Quote's ability to restore himself from damage just by resting on beds throughout the island, as well as the sudden reawakening that Quote and Curly undergo after ten years of unconsciousness.
  • They can power off and reboot, according to the Waterway Cabin's notebook on how to treat flooded robots. It says that after having spent too much time in water, they automatically shut down to avoid short-circuiting.
  • At least Quote and Curly can eat organic food. This is evidenced by Curly's ingestion of Ma Pignon, which causes her to regain her memories after having been revived from drowning.
  • The Plantation Mimiga Zett remarks how some robots during the invasion understood speech. This may be a reference to Quote and Curly Brace, or other robots in the conflict.

Bomber robots Edit

These robots are found strictly in the Bushlands power stations. When first seen by Quote, the Bomber Robot Malco will attempt to attack Quote before being crushed by Balrog. Later Malco activates another robot, and a few others remain in an inactive state.

Hostile robots Edit

Hostile robots include Curly Clones (Wind Fortress only) and the Press. They will try to kill Quote throughout his adventure.

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