Original Rolling sprite Remastered Rolling sprite
Original Remastered
Location Blood Stained Sanctuary
Health Indestructible
Damage dealt 6 HP
Credits description
Rolls along the walls

Rollings (ローリング Rōringu) are enemies found in the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

A rolling is circular. It has a red eye, similar to that of the Press or Delete. This red eye is seen against a grey coloured base.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, rollings move in a "rolling" motion, moving at a constant pace against the walls, ground and ceiling. They will travel through Quote if he is in their path, and deal 6 HP to him. They are indestructible and any bullets or lasers that hit them will make a clinking sound and disappear on the rolling's surface.

Rollings are often found in enclosed areas that require an additional action before the player can proceed through. This includes destroying deletes or defeating a boss. They are only four Rollings in the whole game- two in a part of Blood Stained Sanctuary B3 and two which spawn in the Heavy Press battle.

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