This is the farm where we grow flowers. My job is to protect this farm... To us Mimiga these flowers are a precious source of food. But not the red flowers. I heard that if we eat red flowers our blood pressure skyrockets and we'll die in an instant! Fortunately, on this farm we don't grow those vile red flowers.

-- Sandaime talking to Quote about the Red Flowers

This is our farm. We raise flowers here. My job is to watch over the farm. We Mimigas depend on these flowers for sustenance. Red flowers, though, are bad news. If you eat a red flower, they say your blood starts to boil, and soon you fall over dead! Good thing we don't have any of those growing here.

-- Sandaime talking to Quote about the Red Flowers

Sandaime (三代目 Sandaime) is one of six Mimiga still present in Mimiga Village upon Quote's arrival.

Appearance Edit

Sandaime has white fur and black lines outlining his eyes and mouth. He appears to be dressed in blue attire.

Interactions Edit

Sandaime is found sitting at a table Yamashita Farm, overlooking the flowers. A yellow cup can be seen next to him, on the table.

The player interact with Sandaime when Quote visits the farm. Sandaime introduces the farm and its purpose. His job is to watch over and protect the crops. He tells Quote about the flowers and their importance for Mimiga, but warns of the red flowers, which are deadly to them.

Sandaime is gone from the farm when Quote returns from the Labyrinth. Like the other Mimiga in the village, he was snatched under the Doctor's orders. His fate is not revealed in the any of the endings.

Trivia Edit

  • Sandaime's name translates to "Third Head."
  • Sandaime and the table he sits at are one sprite.

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