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Original Sandcroc sprite Remastered Sandcroc sprite
Original Remastered
Outer Wall variant:
Original sprite Remastered sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone Outer Wall
Health 30 HP
Damage dealt 10 HP
Abilities Hides under sand
Credits description
Sudden chomper

Sandcrocs (砂ワニ Sunawani) are enemies in Cave Story that can be found in the Sand Zone and Outer Wall.

Physical appearance[]

Only the head of the sandcrocs is visible for the duration of their appearance. The head appears to be a crocodile head, coloured green in the Sand Zone and light blue in the Outer Wall. They have white eyes with black pupils. Their mouth is a jagged line.


Sandcrocs are initially hidden in sandy ground and cannot be seen by the player. In the Sand Zone, they are present where skulls and bones are seen on top of the sand.

A sandcroc remains out of view until Quote steps onto the sand where one is nearby. The moment Quote lands on the ground, the sandcroc's head will come out of the sand, striking Quote with 10 HP of damage if he does not leave the surface of the sand immediately.

Sandcrocs can take 30 HP of damage before they die. When they are hit by a weapon, however, they return underneath the ground and will only come out when Quote lands on the same area of ground again.

Outer Wall[]

In the Outer Wall, sandcrocs appear if Quote lands on the sand part of the columns leading up to the storeroom of the Plantation. The sand here, however, does not have a set of skulls and bones as the Sand Zone does. All surfaces with sand in the Outer Wall have a sandcroc beneath the surface. Unlike sandcrocs in Sand Zone, sandcrocs in the Outer Wall react to Quote slower, giving him time to jump away after stepping on sand.