Santa (サンタ Santa) is a Mimiga who lives in the Bushlands. He seems knowledgeable about the area, suggesting that he has lived there for some time.

Santa is first seen standing outside his house, looking off into the fields of Bushlands. He explains that he went to get some water but was frightened by monsters and ran away, dropping the key to his house in the process. If his key is retrieved, he'll give Quote the Fireball in thanks and say that the only way to go further is by going through his neighbor Chako's fireplace. Later on, Quote will need to return to Santa's house to get some Charcoal from his fireplace.

Santa is later captured by the Doctor, along with the other Mimiga. After the Doctor is defeated, he flees the island in the helicopter, along with Chako. The two of them are seen again in the Sakamotos' laboratory.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Cave Story+, receiving the Fireball gives the achievement "A Gift from Santa."

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