Original Skeleton sprite Remastered Skeleton sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 40 HP
Attack(s) Fires bones
Damage dealt 6 HP (contact)
4 HP (bone)
Credits description
White foe

Skeletons (スケルトン Sukeruton) are attacking enemies found in the Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Skeletons have a dinosaur-like head, with red slit eyes and a black nostril and mouth. The mouth curves to form a point.

The skeleton's body is made up of thinly constructed bones, and has thin legs as well.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Quote shoots at a skeleton in the Sand Zone

A skeleton remains stationary when seen from Quote's perspective at a distance. Its head turns to face whichever direction Quote is approaching from. When Quote comes near to the skeleton's current placement, it begins to hop around on the platform it is situated on, firing a single bone at a time. The skeleton continues this until it is killed or Quote moves out of range.

Bones[edit | edit source]

Bones fired by the skeleton bounce along the ground several times, disappearing after a brief period of time. The player can defend Quote against bones by shooting at them with a weapon. One shot from most arms will destroy a bone, although some weapons may not have as fast a firing rate as the skeleton's attacks, making Quote vulnerable despite his weaponry.

Health[edit | edit source]

Skeletons can be killed with any weapon capable of dealing 40 HP of damage over time, excluding the bones. When killed, skeletons will leave behind a large weapon energy crystal, which is often able to level up any weapon the player currently carries in the Sand Zone.

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