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Not to be confused with Skullstep.

Original Skullhead sprite Remastered Skullhead sprite
Original Remastered
Unused variant:
Original sprite Remastered sprite
Original Remastered
Location Sand Zone
Health 20 HP
Attack(s) (May) fire 2 bones
Damage dealt 8 HP
Credits description
Wandering skull

Skullheads (スカルヘッド Sukaruheddo) are enemies that are found in the Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[]

Skullheads look like giant skulls with a shape similar to that of the sandcrocs. They have red eyes with a black outline.

Game information[]

Most skullheads appear in between destructible blocks below the Sun Stones on the pathway to Jenka's house. In the enclosed areas created by these blocks, the skullheads move in a horizontal motion, transporting themselves along the ground by means of opening their mouths and hopping off the ground.

The movement of the skullheads is not affected by Quote's presence, and when Quote makes contact with one, he loses health equal to 8 HP.

Other forms[]

Skullheads are attached to crows in the area leading to the Storehouse. The two enemies turn to face Quote in whichever position he is in. If he is near the crow-skullhead combination, the skullhead will fire two bones at once and are able to bounce off the ground several times before disappearing. These bones inflict 4 HP of damage. The skullhead attached to the crow will also move freely on the sandy ground should the player kill the crow before the skullhead.


There is a dummied out variant of skullheads with blue eyes rather than red. Despite being unused, it still has a remastered sprite.