A skullstep in the top left
Location Sand Zone
Health 20 HP
Damage dealt 8 HP
Abilities Walking
Credits description
Sand runner

Skullsteps (スカルステップ Sukarusuteppu) are enemies found in the Sand Zone.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Skullsteps have the same appearance as skullheads, except they have two legs attached to the bottom of the skull head in line vertically with the eyes. The skullstep's legs are the same base colour as the skull, with a crack seen in each of them.

Game information[edit | edit source]

Like skullheads, skullsteps can only be found in the Sand Zone. They walk along the ground, moving their legs in a circular motion. When they hit a wall, they change direction. Most skullsteps are encountered on the journey to the Sand Zone storehouse, on inclined platforms.

Skullsteps take 20 HP before they die, and deal 8 HP of damage to Quote if he touches one. Shooting at a skullstep causes it to slow down its walking until it is destroyed. In some cases, the skullstep's legs may be eliminated from its body before it is killed with a weapon.

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