Sky Dragons, or Flying Dragons, are first heard of after reaching the end of the Egg Corridor. Sue mentions something about the eggs hatching. The Sky Dragons are not seen or heard about again until they appear as an enemy in the Ruined Egg Corridor, where they are hostile zombies, and will attempt to kill Quote. They are seen once more with Kazuma, where he uses the Sky Dragon to escape The Island. The Sisters are two Sky Dragons that survived the explosion of the Egg Corridor, and are optional bosses. If Quote chooses not to get the Missle Launcher upgrade, he will not fight the Sisters. If Quote gets the bad ending, he will escape with Kazuma on the Egg No.00 sky dragon, and the game ends. In the regular ending, Quote and Sue are caught by Kazuma and the sky dragon. The zombified sky dragons are dark grey with red eyes that cry blood, the Sisters are sand-colored with green eyes, and the No.00 is green with closed eyes.

If Quote attempts to speak to the Sky Dragon, It will only emit a soft growl.

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