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The Snake (スネーク Sunēku) is an upgraded weapon obtained by handing over the Polar Star and Fireball to Chaba in the Labyrinth Shop.


As previously mentioned, the Snake can be made by Chaba in the Labyrinth Shop. If Quote talks to Chaba with both the Polar Star and the Fireball in his inventory, Chaba will ask to see said weapons. If Quote replies "yes", the Snake is created.

Chaba will not create the Snake if the Polar Star has already been replaced by either the Machine Gun or the Spur. Therefore, in order to obtain the Snake, the player must decline to trade for Curly Brace's Machine Gun in Sand Zone Residence.


Quote holding the Snake

The Snake combines the accuracy of the Polar Star with the piercing damage of the Fireball. Its name comes from its ability to shoot fireballs which follow a sine wave pattern through the air at levels 2 and 3, resembling a slithering snake.

This is the only weapon in the game whose shots can consistently travel through walls while hitting enemies. Their shots also cannot break destructible blocks. By using the Snake, the player is able to attack enemies from behind walls and slopes that otherwise block the enemy's attacks.

Level Behaviour Maximum bullets Damage (HP) XP to level up/MAX
1 Fires rotating squares. 1 4 30
2 Fires red fireballs in a sine wave motion. Increased range. 1 6 40
3 Fires blue fireballs in a sine wave motion. Further increased range. 1 8 16