Sprinklers are items necessary to complete the rocket fetch quest in the Plantation. A quest given by Momorin asks Quote to bring her a Sprinkler in order to use the batteries and power the rocket.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Broken Sprinkler[edit | edit source]

Before obtaining the Sprinkler, the player trade in a Broken Sprinkler at the Rest Area. Using the Mimiga Mask to disguise as a Mimiga, Quote is allowed to talk with the other workers of the Plantation. One worker, seeing Quote as the "new guy", requests him to take the dysfunctional Sprinkler and exchange it for a new one. The player is then prompted to pick up the Broken Sprinkler, to their immediate right.

Once the player has the Broken Sprinkler, they should go back to the Rest Area and visit Megane, a Mimiga sitting next to multiple sprinklers on the far left of the place. Talking to him with the Broken Sprinkler will cause him to give a new working Sprinkler and take the defective one from Quote.

If the player visits Momorin with the Broken Sprinkler, she will examine it and tell Quote to come back when he has an operative one.

Sprinkler[edit | edit source]

Megane gives the player the Sprinkler when Quote talks to him with the Broken Sprinkler in his inventory. Megane gives Quote a working Sprinkler and he should then return to the Hideout. Momorin will take the Sprinkler and examine it before sending Quote off to find Itoh, who is still hiding in the Safehouse.

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