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The Teleporter Room Key (転送室のカギ Tensou-shitsu no Kagi) is an item acquired in the Plantation. It is first seen in the form of a cluster of sparkles in some spikes, where attempting to examine it causes instant death.


The Teleporter Room Key has a green tab and tan blade. A hole is visible at the tab end of the key.


The Teleporter Room Key hidden among the spikes.

The Teleporter Room Key is fished from a patch of red spikes in the bottom area of the Plantation where gunfish reside. Since Quote cannot take the key from the spikes directly, the player must get Kanpachi to fish out the key.

The player has to first go to the Rest Area and talk to Kanpachi, which will cause the Mimiga to leave the building. Heading to the bottom area of the Plantation, the player will find Kanpachi fishing with a bucket placed next to him. It is required to talk to Kanpachi first before examining the bucket. If the player examines the bucket before talking to Kanpachi, they cannot obtain the key.


Once collected, the Teleporter Room Key unlocks the Teleporter Room, a place which is necessary for the game's main plot to proceed. Afterwards, the key is stored in the player's inventory and serves no other use.


  • The sparkles in the red spikes cannot be examined, unlike the sparkles found in previous areas. It is possible for Quote to enter the red spikes using a hacked save or temporary invulnerability from hitting an enemy.