Tetsuzou Kamadani (釜谷 鉄造 Kamatani Tetsuzou) is a gunsmith and the creator of the Polar Star. He has an abode located in the First Cave.

History Edit

Kamadani was working on a gun when he fell asleep. He left the gun out in the open, and Quote takes it without him waking immediately. Some time later, he leaves but then returns, discovering that his gun had been taken.

Personality Edit

Kamadani initially displays a strong belief that the maker of a weapon should be the sole user of their creation. This focus shifts after examining Quote's use of the Polar Star, and gratefully chooses to dedicate himself to a life of creating.

Plot Edit

Hermit Gunsmith

Quote enters the "Hermit Gunsmith" room as Kamadani sleeps

If the player returns to the First Cave after coming back from the Labyrinth, Kamadani will be seen awake and standing next to the table. He asks if Quote had seen the gun he made, and regrets not keeping it close to him while he napped.

If Quote carries the Polar Star at this point, Kamadani will recognise it as being his gun and take it back, saying that he did not make the gun for Quote to use. He grumbles a bit, then observes that Quote has used it to its advantage. He decides to give the Polar Star back, after completing the work he initially meant to do with it. This finished version, the Spur, is handed back to Quote and replaces the Polar Star.

Should the player visit the First Cave without the Polar Star in their inventory, Kamadani still asks Quote if he has seen his gun, but proceeds to talk about the impressive work he could have done given time.

Quotes Edit

Visiting the First Cave after returning from the Labyrinth
  • Did you happen to see the gun I made? Someone pilfered it while I slept. I should have just slept with the thing in my chest pocket, had I known that was going to be the case...
Carrying the Polar Star
  • Wait!!
  • That's MY gun!!
  • Why do you have it?! I didn't make it for you! Give it back!!
  • (Polar Star was confiscated...)
  • Hmph! You've apparently put a significant amount of wear on it.
  • .....
  • I... I was raised to believe that weapons should always be constructed by oneself. And I always thought those who fight with another firearm created by another person are all fools! Growing confident with powers that were never their own to begin with... ...Then blaming their own shortcomings on the equipment they use.
  • Fools!
  • Still...
  • But now, seeing my gun used by you, with your hands, I am so very incredibly touched... To use an incomplete gun, such as the Polar Star, to this degree...
  • Hmm...
  • Pardon my rantings.
  • How about this, I'll give it to you--
  • After it's completed, of course!!
After receiving the Spur
  • There remains a very delicate balance in this world...
  • Between those who create and those who will experience the creations of others.
  • I can't say that I wasn't aware of this. However, I had never experienced it.
  • Now, thanks to you, I finally have.
  • As long as there is someone who will appreciate the work involved in creation, the effort is time well spent.
  • To this end, I will continue to create for as long as I can.''

Visiting the First Cave after returning from the Labyrinth
  • You haven't seen the gun I made, have you? Someone went and stole it while I was sleeping! Drat, this is why I should've been keeping it in my pocket when I napped...
Carrying the Polar Star
  • HEY!!
  • Isn't THAT my gun?!
  • What are YOU doing with it?! I didn't make it for you!
  • Give that back!
  • (=Polar Star= taken...)
  • Pah! I see you've certainly been giving my gun a workout.
  • .....
  • You know, I've long believed that one's weapons should be crafted by oneself. That one who fights with another's weapons and considers that force his own is witless. That one who blames his tools for that which his own power cannot achieve is a fool.
  • However...
  • When I see this gun before me that you have used so exhaustively, it moves this man to tears. To think such thorough use were possible even before the gun's completion...
  • Hahhh...
  • I apologize for my grumbling.
  • You can keep this gun.
  • After I finish it, of course.
Carrying any other weapon other than the Polar Star
  • It wasn't even finished yet! Just a little more work and I might've been able to make a really fearsome weapon out of it.
  • Ah what a world, what a world...
After receiving the Spur
  • In this world, there exists a balance between those who are creators and those who are users.
  • I knew that, of course, but it took your help for me to experience this firsthand. From now on, I vow to dedicate myself to the side of creation. The labor involved becomes joy when I know there are those who will enjoy my work to the utmost.''

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