The Door (ザ・ドアー Za Doā) is a possessed variation of the regular doors encountered throughout Cave Story. Unlike other enemies in the game, The Door does not respawn when the player exits the First Cave.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Door is brown in color, with straight, vertical edges and a rounded top. A small white knob is visible on the far right of the door from the player's perspective. An "eye" can be seen at the top that extends almost the width of the door, with a red circle-like shape that looks in Quote's direction. This "eye" is only visible when Quote is a little over the middle of the shallow bowl-like area, past the destructible rocks.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Door can only be found in the First Cave, blocking the player's entrance to Mimiga Village. If Quote jumps onto the same platform The Door is on, he loses health equal to 4 HP. Quote cannot go through The Door when it is present; pressing the down arrow key brings the "?!" text onto the screen.

In order to access Mimiga Village, the player must defeat The Door. The only way to do so is to attain the Polar Star from the Hermit Gunsmith, found at the end of the lower passageway, through the cat's mouth. The Door must then take 6 HP worth of damage before it disappears, leaving two experience points in its place.

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