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Time Bomb, known as Counter Bomb in the Aeon Genesis translation (カウンターボム Kauntābomu), is an enemy in that is found in the Egg Corridor?.


Time Bomb has a blob-like appearance because of its undefined shape. Small flames are seen coming out of its head. These flames are a similar color to its eyes; they are a darker shade of yellow-green. The rest of its body is a bright yellow-green. It is also much larger in size than most enemies in the Egg Corridor?.


Cave Story[]

Time Bomb can be seen when Quote is traversing through the Egg Corridor after returning from the Labyrinth. It remains in one, enclosed area for the entire duration of the game. When approached or shot at, it initiates a five second countdown. When the countdown reaches 0, Time Bomb explodes and disappears, its blast radius extending the entire area where it was positioned in. Time Bomb is then absent from the Egg Corridor? until Quote re-enters the location from another building or by teleporter.

If Quote is caught in the blast created by Time Bomb, he takes 30 HP of damage, considerably a larger amount of damage than delivered by other enemies in the Egg Corridor?. Likewise, Time Bomb has the one of the highest quantities of health in the entire game, withstanding 127 HP worth of damage before it is killed by a weapon. Despite its resistance to damage, Quote can avoid the Time Bomb's explosion by moving away from the blast radius. Being killed by a weapon or exploding both leave items in the Time Bomb's place, in the form of experience points, hearts or missile ammunition.


Time Bomb is also found in Cave Story 3D as well as Cave Story DSi. In Cave Story 3D, Time Bomb is found in an area called the Egg Corridor Detour. Rather than one, there are three that can be seen.

Time Bomb also appears in Cave Story DSi, but deals no damage to Quote.


  • Aside from Igor on the Balcony, the Time Bomb is the only enemy in the entirety of Cave Story able to withstand a Level 3 blast from the Spur.