(The fourth ending was revealed to be a hoax. Toroko is definitively dead.)
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|Affiliation = [[Arthur]](Brother), [[King]], <br> [[Sue Sakamoto|Sue]], [[Quote]]
|Affiliation = [[Arthur]](Brother), [[King]], <br> [[Sue Sakamoto|Sue]], [[Quote]]
|Enemies = [[The Doctor]], <br> [[Misery]], [[Balrog]]
|Enemies = [[The Doctor]], <br> [[Misery]], [[Balrog]]
|status = Deceased (Most Endings)
|status = Deceased
Alive (4th Ending))
|Weapons/Powers = Stick}}
|Weapons/Powers = Stick}}

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is a Mimiga who lives in Mimiga Village. She is the younger sister of Arthur.

Toroko is first seen arguing with King over the key to her house, where Sue is staying. Because Sue is wanted by the Doctor, King wants to turn her in before the Doctor attacks the village to try and get her himself. However, Toroko is a close friend of Sue - despite her not being native to the village - and refuses to let King have the key, running away. After Quote picks up a Silver Locket from the reservoir's waters, she'll be at the reservoir's entrance, but will run away as Quote approaches. King is waiting for her outside to demand the key again, but she runs right past him and goes to hide in a shack. When Quote follows her, she mistakes him for the Doctor and jumps out to attack him. After being easily defeated with a single shot, she realizes her mistake and explains that the Doctor often comes to the village to kidnap or even kill Mimiga, like her brother Arthur. She spots the silver locket that Quote picked up and says that it was a gift to her from Sue but allows Quote to keep it, saying that King gets angry whenever she and Sue are getting along. Just then, there's a loud pounding on the shack door as Balrog bursts in, followed by Misery. When Toroko recognizes them as being the Doctor's minions, Misery mistakes her for being Sue, capturing her in a magic bubble and teleporting both of them away even as Toroko tries to explain the mistake.

When the Doctor gets into the warehouse in Sand Zone where the Red Flowers are kept, he has Misery teleport in Toroko and has Balrog force her to eat one of the flowers as a test. Although King enters and tries to stop Balrog, he's too late and Toroko succumbs to the flowers effects, forcing Quote to kill her.


  • It's possible to be hurt and even killed by Toroko while she's blindly attacking Quote in the shack. In Cave Story+, if the player is killed by Toroko in this manner, they'll earn the Toroko Wins! achievement.
  • If the Doctor is defeated and Quote manages to get back to the plantation's passage, the four statues of the Demon Crown's owners will be replaced with four statues for the island's heroes; Quote, Curly, King, and Toroko.

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