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The Tow Rope (けん引ロープ Ken'in Rōpu) is an item found in the Labyrinth.


As the name implies, the Tow Rope is a cord of red-brown rope with grey hooks at the ends.


The Tow Rope appears in the Core room and requires that the player skip talking to Professor Booster in the Labyrinth. You can collect the item before talking to Curly Brace, during the fight with core, or after while drowning. The player should have Quote enter the water and move all the way to the right. Among the piles of broken robots, a sparkle should be visible. Examining the sparkle gives the player the Tow Rope, which is tied around a robot's arm.

If the player carries the Booster v0.8 before fighting the Core, the Tow Rope does not appear in the room at all. The Tow Rope will also disappear once the battle with the Core has begun.

If the Tow Rope is collected before talking to Curly Brace, the player will be unable to leave the room until after defeating the Core.



The Tow Rope is added to the player's inventory, but does not become functional until the Core is defeated. When Quote regains consciousness from the fight, Curly will be seen near him, appearing to be lifeless. After examining Curly, the player is prompted to use the Tow Rope. By selecting "Yes", Curly will be attached to Quote's back and the player will be able to move them both as a whole.

Blood Stained Sanctuary[]

The Tow Rope is later used in the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Unlike the Labyrinth, examining Curly in the sanctuary does not lead to a Yes/No prompt. Instead, the game immediately connects Curly to Quote's back and allows him to continue to the next room.


  • The Tow Rope is not present in the inventory in Time Attack mode, but it is still used to carry Curly.