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Oh hey there. I'm Random-storykeeper, also known as RSK. I started playing Cave Story in December 2012, but didn't get the best ending until about three months later. It's that second room that always seemed to determine whether I passed or failed in the Sacred Grounds hehe.

I'm an avid Nitromian and pretty big on browser gaming. Some favourites of mine are Final Ninja Zero and Ripple Dot Zero. Aside from that, I love playing the piano and using ORG to make music.


Just a place to leave notes for future use.

  • Currently using the NICALiS ("official") translation as the target titles, with Aeon Genesis names pointing as redirects. AG names are also mentioned in introductory sentences after the NICALiS name is stated.
  • Information conveyed in quotes from the AG translation are okay to incorporate into articles, so long as they do not contradict the related NICALiS quote.
  • If the two translations have discrepancies within the same event, the NICALiS version will be taken to be the correct one, with the Aeon Genesis added in a ref tag and put in a "Notes" section.
  • Manual of Style

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