Whimsical Star

Quote using the Whimsical Star

The Whimsical Star (気まぐれな星 Kimagurena Hoshi) is an item obtained in the Labyrinth.

Appearance Edit

In the inventory, the Whimsical Star appears to be a cluster of three mostly white stars. The smallest star appears to have four points with in the freeware graphics, and the remastered appears to have the smallest star in the shape of a circle.

In Cave Story+ and the DSiWare port, the Whimsical Star changes color depending on the difficulty set, or if Quote is wearing a holiday outfit.

Mode Color
Easy Mode Blue
Normal mode Green
Hard Mode White/Light Blue
Halloween Orange
Christmas Red

Collection Edit

Obtaining the Whimsical Star is only possible if Quote has the Spur in his possession. After retrieving the Spur, they can return to the Labyrinth and visit the Shop. Quote can then talk to Chaba, who will give the player the Whimsical Star and make a remark on how Quote already has "an ultimate weapon".

Function Edit

The Whimsical Star can be equipped or unequipped from the player's inventory in the same manner as the Boosters. When the player charges their Spur to its maximum level while the item is equipped, three stars move around Quote. These stars are unimpeded by walls, allowing the player to chip away at enemies behind blocks, and deal 1-5 damage to enemies they touch. When Quote takes damage, he loses a star.