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Zett (ゼット Zetto) is an elderly Mimiga found at the Plantation.



Zett has white fur and long ears that drop down close to his feet. He has a brown outfit and cane.



Zett is encountered at the Rest Area. He is sitting next to Chie and a sleeping Mimiga.

Like most other Mimiga at the Plantation, Zett will not speak to Quote based on the Doctor's commands to not talk to humans.

When Quote wears the Mimiga Mask and talks to Zett before the completion of the rocket, the Mimiga admits that although some of his friends were killed by killer robots during the invasion, he believes that some "possessed hearts and souls".

Zett is the only Mimiga who remains in the Rest Area after Momorin finishes building the rocket. He is angered that the Doctor has imprisoned a young child, presumably Chie. At this point, he will talk to Quote whether he has the Mimiga Mask on or not.


With the Mimiga Mask before the rocket is complete
  • Indeed, surface robots have attacked this island.
  • In fact, some of my friends were killed that time...
  • Even so, a few of those robots seemingly understood us. I believe that these robots possessed hearts and souls...
After the rocket is complete
  • Damn that Doctor! How dare he take such a small child by force!?! I wish I was a little bit younger... How exasperating...''

With the Mimiga Mask before the rocket is complete
  • It's true that robots from the surface have attacked this island in the past.
  • And I know many of us were killed... But some among those robots understood speech.
  • I believe they, too, had souls...
After the rocket is complete
  • Curse that Doctor! Dragging that poor young child off with him! Oh, if only I were but a bit younger... Such a shame...''